How It Works

Best Fantasy Sports Experience

Select a Match

Choose the match you want to play and show-off your skills.

Select Your Players From Your 135 Credits

Create your own team by selecting different players within a defined virtual credit points.

Choose Your Captain & Vice Captain

Once you choose the team. Its time to choose your captain & vice-captain that will help you earn extra points. 2x points for the Captain & 1.5x points for the Vice-Captain.

One League Or Multiple Teams

Increase your winning chances with Multiple Entries. Join a “Multiple Entry” League with a maximum of 20 different teams.

Join a League

With your team join a league or contest organized by Pocket Play to compete with other users or compete with your friends through a private league created by you or your friends.


Use your skills to choose team and win the contest(s) with the scores your created team achieve.